Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sometimes I think ?

What do you think when you are alone, no-one to talk to ? I met a wonderful person at the Theosophical Society headquarters at Chennai. He was more than 75 years old and he had lot of things to share. He threw a lot of open questions thrown at me .. starting with, Why people become robbers ? why theft occurs? why can't all people be generous? why does nothing happens to a politician even if he has wealth much more than his earning sources ? What is a successful life ? Why are people not happy ? Is happiness just a state of mind ? What can young generation do to make this world better ?

Lets discuss these in next post :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trip diary: Parasailing at Bangalore

Event: Parasailing at Bangalore.
Venue: Hoskote near KRPuram in Bangalore.

We started in the morning with few other friends and reached at Hoskote at around 9AM.
The organizers had planned well for the parasailing event.They had a jeep and a parachute which is tied to the back of the jeep. The jeep starts running in a direction opposite to the direction of wind flow with the parachute tied to a rope which is attached to the jeep.
Optimum wind is required for the parachute to rise and go high. So, we waited for an hour to make the wind God haapy. At around 11 AM cool breeze started and we started flying one by one. They got a paper signed from all participants which said organizers are not responsible for any injury and its my own willingness to try this adventure sport.A brave soul came from among us to volunteer to fly first. Everyone was happy to get escaped from the first turn.A jacket and helmet is worn by the person who does the parasailing.
Flying is an awesome experience .Specillay when you dont hold anything and are flying like a bird. Everyone did flied for around 10 minutes.

Ready for Launch

Flying like Bird
Tied to the Jeep
Two people ready to catch the man like a ball.

So, when are you flying ?

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A new start. Here we go !!!

An attempt to start yet another blog . After being aloof for past few years. Finally we have got that ardency to blog more. Be ready to see more frequent posts.